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The Walled Lake Casino had endured World War II, the Great Depression, and the demise of the "Big Band" era...outlasting other ballrooms by over a decade. For more then 30 years it attracted audiences enjoying the sounds of ballroom music, the big bands, jazz, pop, and rock & roll. After a storied history, the Casino sadly couldn't endure a fire on Christmas Day, 1965. Although fire fighters Unfortunately, attendance continued to decline until the Casino was closed in 1960, although the Walled Lake Casino did out-last most of the other ballrooms throughout the country. Leona Tolettene sold the Casino 2 years later to the Kramer's who re-opened the place and began booking the big bands again. After a couple of weeks however, they changed the bookings to rock and roll and installed Walled Lake Casino was a historic venue for families and entertainment. In its early years nearly every big name band in the world played there. When big band popularity died in the late 50s the “Casino” closed and was sold to new owners who tried once again to revive it with the Big Bands. Their efforts failed. After contacting ABC Radio and Lee Alan everything changed. The broadcasts Crawford is passionate about preserving the history of The Walled Lake Amusement Park and Casino and beach, as well as preserving all of Novi's history. She grew up on a farm on Grand River Avenue For almost 40 years, the Casino Shores Pavilion kept its doors open, even through the Great Depression. In fact, during the depression is when Walled Lake was truly put on the map. The dance hall created a radio broadcast in which listeners from around the country would tune in and listen to the ballroom classics streaming from the shores of Walled Lake. After the depression, the dance crowd The casino hosted numerous musical groups including Benny Goodman, The Dorsey Brothers, Glenn Miller and Guy Lombardo. It contained a 120' x 140' hardwood dance floor. The ceiling was decorated with specially-designed wooden and silk stars that were hand-painted and lit to create the effect of the night sky. The casino was the hub of Walled Lake Recreation activity. Louis Toulette would take the Taylor’s dance hall and turn it into one of the main attractions in the midwest and one of the most historic landmarks Walled Lake has ever seen; the Walled Lake Casino Shores Pavilion. Opening in April, 1925 this new dance hall was state of the art and featured a dance floor that was 120’ x 140’. Timing could not have been better as Detroit was producing The Walled Lake Casino got bigger too. Red Nichols and his Five Pennies were there an entire season, and the great Louis Armstrong stayed a short while, packing them in as Louis always did. The crowds came out to dance, or to sit sipping their soft drinks and listening. The Depression took a real beating from the bands -- hard times were forgotten as the music captivated a generation. Walled Lake Casino? What could that have been? I looked it up and there is a bit of info online, but I'd be interested in learning more. There was an amusement park on the shores of Walled Lake complete with a roller coaster and several rides. There was also a large dance hall that hosted artists like Chuck Berry and Little Stevie Wonder. At the time, Walled Lake was a popular beach Walled Lake casino & bath house. Object ID: 2007-002-005. Collection: Walled Lake Subjects: photographic. Walled Lake casino & bath house ← Previous Object Walled Lake Amusement Park. Next Object → Downtown Walled Lake 1910. Museum Collection Index; Museum Gallery; Museum Database; Michigan Military Academy Database; About the Society Mission Statement The Greater West Bloomfield

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