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Bond adjourns to the casino. Thomas Newman's score I find quite wonderful here. Considering the backlash Newman gets on the forums, I always liked his score for this film. My favorite Craig reading of "Bond, James Bond", although the CR scene comes close. That scene was one of the most well done scenes I’ve ever seen. Maybe not completely realistic but very well done. I loved the way the flight controls fluttered and then separated followed by the rest of the surfaces. That looked pretty damn real. One thing I would have expected in reality though was for the remaining fuselage to start becoming very unstable and start spinning wildly. I don Das Casino für unterwegs der Leo Vegas Casino Test. Die Popularität von Online-Casinos kennt keine Grenzen. Doch ein Aspekt wird auch im Jahr 2013 erst nach und nach implementiert. So groß die Angebote der verschiedenen Plattformen auch sein mögen, nur die wenigsten haben sich in den letzten Jahren auf die vielen mobilen Geräte spezialisiert. Dabei steigt die Anzahl an Spielern, die gern It strongly reminds me of the Casino Royale re-boot, Batman movies, they are not so snooty that they won’t crib from them when they want to. Here, they replay the scene from Forever where the young Bruce Wayne falls in a well and is attacked by bats. In Forever, Bruce was fleeing in horror from his parents’ wake when he fell in the well, here his fall precedes their deaths– and, in Well, that wouldn't be original anymore would it... I just mean I want him to have a completely blank canvas to work with rather than work with an... I prefered the way the Arkham scene was done with quick out of the shadows strikes if they aren't gonna show a clear fight #16 Hunter Rider, Dec 29, 2006. Nepenthes Registered. Joined: Nov 1, 2006 Messages: 6,066 Likes Received: 6. hunter rider said: To be honest i'd rather Nolan scrapped the fighting if he is gonna do this close up stuff and just make a detective story with a Vehicle chase in I keep seeing people saying Black Mask, which is kind of weird. TDKR's plot was pretty much figured out around 2009-2010, You made me rewatch the chase scene and now this analysis. I don't agree with most of it and had no issues with the chase except the lame ass truck driver dropping "that's not good!" bombs all the time and that's a script issue. In fact the whole sequence was great just Also, I think the structure of “Casino Royale” works. I like it more every time I see it! Maybe that was Nolan’s intention, I don’t know. Prime example: the end of the chase scene. The Joker gets out of the wrecked truck and Batman aims his bat-hummercycle at him and… wrecks the bike and passes out. Wow. World’s Greatest Detective. I agree with the guy above who said the best Casino Royale was a 'dark and gritty' reboot which Nolan has become famous for inspiring, but I feel it was more of a throwback to Fleming's works than Nolan. Aspects of BB actually seemed to be

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